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    Benue will suffer political miscarriage if Uba succeed his principal

    By Agaa Victor

    With the emergence of the current Speaker of Benue State House of Assembly, Titus Uba, as the consensus candidate that would eventually fly the flag of the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, in 2023 Gubernatorial election, Benue will suffer political miscarriage or stillbirth should Uba wins the race and become the Governor.

    The move to handpick Uba to me and by all standard and fairly available indices, is fruitless, tantamount to retrogression, and it’s dead on arrival.
    Uba, placed side by side with his co-contestants is a very unpopular candidate, visionless, lack decisions on critical issues, and has no traced track record of noticeable legacies.

    Since he emerged the speaker of the House of Assembly in Benue, no single legislation under his watch to attract commendation that should enter his name in Guinness Book of Records.

    The plot to enroot or implant Uba in Benue State is a delusion of adequacy and a ploy by his kingmakers to plough the people’s commonwealth at the expense of the general Benuelites and should be stiffly resisted by all.

    As a speaker, Uba has proven to be a rubber-stamp, toadying to his master ,and approving the Governor’s unnecessary loan requests without legislative debate and considerations. He is grossly underperformed with no notable and remarkable legislation under his watch.

    Hon Uba is described as the worst speaker Benue has ever produced by the analysts. He was known for abandoning his legislative duties and become a perchant boy of his abysmally underperformed principal.

    At a gathering where Uba was purportedly endorsed by the G14 as its consensus candidate, he sycophantically and emphatically promised a continuity of Ortomism by consolidating on his (Ortom’s) legacies of fulanisation narrative and et al, this alone should disqualify him unfit to run the seat.

    Suffice to say that the Choice of who rules Benue in 2023 with its current chronic state of economic epilepsy and crumble should be above party lines and ethnic affiliation but a candidate’s worth with tested capabilities and proven antecedents.

    The failure of the current administration in the state has caused economic devastation that led to catastrophic decline in the living standard of the people.

    Therefore the number one seat in the state should not be used as a tool of compensation for party loyalist but a performer who has demonstrated his credibility and competency to move the state to the next level.

    The experience of 2019 should not repeat itself. The seat of Governor should not be used for gambling. Four years is not four months that can be used to play bet9ja with.
    If you can allow the state to have political miscarriage in 2023, we will continue to live in the mess till 2027 or 2031 when the state can be pregnant politically.

    We cannot afford to exchange the “Igbekera sha tumnya”. An Uba rulership will be catastrophic

    Akaa Victor writes from  Abuja .


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